Gem Setting

Galet Secret

This spectacular and highly technical piece conceals an ingenious complication. Beneath its classic wristwatch appearance lies a mechanism conceived and developed by Laurent Ferrier: a device that pivots the dial’s two opaque crystals a full 240° like a fan opening to reveal a second hand-decorated dial.

This one-of-a-kind possibility for the Galet Secret offers a splendid demonstration of the skill of Laurent Ferrier, always extremely sensitive to artistic craftsmanship. Its gem-setting is highly complex, with mysteriously fixed precious stones that appear to hold in place as if by magic. Only their deep, intense radiance is clearly visible.

It requires a highly demanding diamond selection as well as extreme precision in cutting, adjusting and individually setting each of the stones concentrically so as to entirely carpet the precious metal beneath. This stunning achievement calls for a wealth of meticulous and patient gestures. Above and beyond this geometric effect, the unique sparkle of this shimmering paving adds that little extra touch of soul that enables precious stones to compose a truly exceptional creation.

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