Galet Classic Dual

Galet Classic Tourbillon Double Hairspring


Laurent Ferrier worked on a unusual view of the tourbillon itself, visible from the bottom cage. For Laurent Ferrier, it was a challenge because he always strives to be consistent in both his horological values and aesthetic codes.

To further showcase the raison d’être of the Galet Classic Tourbillon, the task was to offer this view through the dial side, with the tourbillon remaining in its initial position. By turning around the tourbillon mechanism, we found that a new look has resulted, providing an unusual take on the most elegant of watch features.

And yet it is a truly subtle exposé, one to be appreciated by connoisseurs of tourbillons. A tourbillon’s mechanical ballet is too beautiful to be hidden away, as our clients have advised us. Equally, it is too precious, too rare a creation to be presented in any manner other than one of understated grace.

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