Grand Sport Tourbillon Pursuit

LAURENT FERRIER is proud to announce the launch of its brand new timepiece. Inspired by the thrills of motor racing and the pursuit of excellence, this watch features a stunning salmon-pink dial that captures the breathtaking beauty of the sky at dawn. For the two founders of LAURENT FERRIER, both of whom have driven many times in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, sunrise is the perfect time of day to be behind the wheel on the famous Sarthe circuit. The Grand Sport Tourbillon Pursuit is a tribute to this incredible experience, and to the passion that drives LAURENT FERRIER.


For Laurent Ferrier and François Servanin, driving at dawn on the 24-hour track was an experience like no other. As the rising sun, still hidden, tinted the sky with an orange-pink glow, both men have found themselves alone on the Mulsanne straight, the roar of a Porsche 935 their only co-driver. Once met by this rosy hue, any notion of victory or defeat, fatigue or ardour — even ambition for the final ranking — faded away. All that remained was immense joy, and the thrill of imagining that they were the sole privileged spectators of this extraordinary ballet of light. It was a moment beyond time, a brief oasis of peace amid the frenetic pace of the race.

Just after that moment, the men felt truly alive. As if reinvigorated by the incredible spectacle they had just witnessed, they pushed their abilities and those of the car to the limit, throwing themselves even harder into the pursuit of victory. Those memories of dawn on the circuit are treasured, and it is their indelible image, imbued with poetry and grace, that LAURENT FERRIER wished to capture with the Grand Sport Tourbillon Pursuit.

This new version of the Grand Sport Tourbillon features a case with an integrated bracelet, made entirely of grade 5 titanium and adorned with an elegant dial with gradient shades of salmon-pink . Previously launched in different, highly limited editions, this new version is intended to be timeless, and will therefore become part of the brand's permanent collection. However, as with each LAURENT FERRIER design, the Grand Sport Tourbillon Pursuit will be highly exclusive, with only 15 pieces manufactured each year. 

The new sunrise dial features an opaline finish, an understated signature of the Grand Sport Tourbillon. Its pink hues contrast with darker drop-shaped applied indices in white gold treated with ruthenium and enhanced with white Super-LumiNova, giving the dial perfect legibility. Hallmarked with the LF signature, the famous Assegai-shaped hands complete the piece. Here in ruthenium-treated white gold, the hands have been enlarged a little to hold white Super-LumiNova. A slightly domed sapphire crystal gives this exceptional timepiece a rounded profile, which is comfortable to wear.


The architecture of the Grand Sport case evokes the elegant, timeless curves of racing cars. In grade 5 titanium, the GST Pursuit illustrates the feeling of lightness experienced by drivers when they see the pink sky during an exciting race. The timepiece weighs just 118 grammes, with a diameter of 44mm. 

The Grand Sport Tourbillon is mainly comprised of satin-brushed elements embellished with numerous mirror polishes. With a circular satin-brushed finish, the cushion-shaped bezel features contrasting mirror-polished flanks. Similarly, in an interpretation of a barrel shape, the middle case also features a play with several finishes. The top has a vertical satin-brushed finish, while the profile has a horizontal satin-brushed finish and features contrasting mirror-polished flanks. In keeping with the rest of the LAURENT FERRIER collection, all the components in the case are designed harmoniously.

The bracelet is made up of rows of 3 links, with a vertical satin-brushed finish. The central links feature bevels with a contrasting mirror polish. These details give the bracelet and case ensemble a vibrant appearance.


In 2010, Laurent Ferrier won the “Men's Watch” prize at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) for the Classic Tourbillon. The watch was equipped with an ingenious hand-wound movement featuring a tourbillon and a double balance spring. The new Grand Sport Tourbillon features the same LF619.01 movement, albeit presented with a more contemporary finish.

The double-balance-spring tourbillon carriage, visible through the sapphire crystal case back, is worthy of the most efficient motor engines. The complex mechanics of the tourbillon movement is a tribute to centuries-old craftsmanship.

When Abraham-Louis Breguet patented the tourbillon in 1801, his invention countered the unfavourable influence of gravity on the pocket watch's regulator when held in an upright position. By equipping the balance wheel with two head-to-tail mounted balance springs, the lateral displacement of the balance wheel axis is also neutralised. The integration of the two systems brings the respective benefits together, providing excellent precision and a power reserve of more than 80 hours.

Chronometry enthusiasts will appreciate the precision and superior performance of this timepiece, with a beauty matched only by its precision.


The movement has a long-bladed pawl, which, beyond its aesthetic function from the bassinage polish being carried out entirely by hand, delivers a soft, melodious murmur when the watch is wound. LAURENT FERRIER has adorned the movement with a horizontal satin-brushed finish and ruthenium coating, reinforcing the sporty character of this timepiece.

The bridge of the tourbillon carriage is meticulously decorated by hand. In addition, the movement features numerous hand mirror polishing and 30 hand-crafted internal angles.

While the Grand Sport Tourbillon Pursuit appears contemporary, it also perpetuates the watchmaking traditions so dear to LAURENT FERRIER.